RYA First Aid Course 1


The RYA FIRST AID COURSE is run from our RYA First aid training centre in Glasgow. It is a 1 day course which is suitable for everybody. You will learn vital lifesaving techniques and first aid.  As a result of the Rya first aid course you will gain a basic understanding of lifesaving and first aid and how to summon advice and help. 

Covers use of Category C Marine first aid kit and pocket mask and commercial operations. The course is taught by current practicing registered medics so you will receive the best first aid training possible! The RYA Marine First Aid course also satisfies the requirement and can be used for a shore based emergency first aid at work certificate. The latest edition of the RYA First aid course book is also included in the price of the course. Use of AED defibrillators is also covered as part of the course. The certificate is valid for 3 years before it needs updating.

Location? : Meet at our city centre location for registration. 36 Washington Street, Glasgow, G3 8AZ.

Course Info? : First aid courses are run every 4 weeks on average but can be run on demand. Maximum 12 students per course. 

Price? : £120

Meet at our city centre location for registration. 36 Washington Street, Glasgow, G3 8AZ.
First aid courses are run every month but can be run on demand. Maximum 12 students per course. This course is typically ran between 09:00 – 18:00.


This First Aid course fulfils the requirements for:

  • first aid training for vessels working up to area Category 2 under the Maritime and Coastguard Agency Codes of Practice for Small Vessels Operated Commercially;
  • first aid training needed by offshore racers subject to World Sailing’s Offshore Special Regulation OSR 6.05.2;
  • the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations, 1981 for the purposes of Emergency First Aid at Work.
  • Commercially endorsing an RYA certificate.
  • To work on a fishing boat

Subjects specific to boating include:

  • the recovery position in a confined space
  • CPR, including the drowning protocol
  • cold shock and hypothermia from immersion and/or exposure
  • seasickness and dehydration
  • medical assistance or advice by VHF
  • helicopter rescue

Every year in the UK, thousands of people die or are seriously injured in incidents. Many deaths could be prevented if first aid was given before emergency services arrive.

The RYA First Aid course is mandatory for people working on boats, for instance the skipper and crew and as a result of completing this course you will be qualified to administer first aid. The rya marine first aid course is valid for 3 years and has to be updated and refreshed. It is taught by our resident RYA Marine first aid instructor Angela who has over 40 years experience in the medical world. Angela is passionate about First Aid and boats and the sea. We believe you should be taught by a professional and we guarantee you will receive the best first aid course available.

What ‘adequate and appropriate’ first aid arrangements are depends on the work you do and where you do it. You’re best placed to understand the nature of your work, so you should assess what your first aid needs are.

You must consider:

  • the type of the work you do
  • hazards and the likely risk of them causing harm
  • the size of your workforce
  • work patterns of your staff
  • holiday and other absences of those who will be first aiders and appointed persons
  • the history of accidents in your business

You might also consider:

  • the needs of travelling, remote and lone workers
  • how close your sites are to emergency medical services
  • whether your employees work on shared or multi-occupancy sites
  • first aid for non-employees including members of the public